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Writing the LNAT essay involves both effective time management and demonstration of language skills and logical reasoning abilities. The most common feedback from LNAT test takers is that a bit more time would have allowed them to produce a stronger essay.

Another common issue arises when candidates begin the essay strongly but falter as they progress due to poor time management. As a result, they either have to rush through the latter parts of the essay or leave it incomplete due to time constraints.

The LNAT allocates 40 minutes for Section B, the essay section. Ideally, you should allot 10 minutes for initial planning and any subsequent edits or corrections. This means that you should aim to finish typing your essay within 30 minutes.

Given that an ideal LNAT essay should be around 600 words long, your target typing speed should be approximately 20 words per minute.

Please note, the LNAT essay screen will not have any word suggestion tools or spelling check functions. Consequently, you must ensure your spelling and grammar are up to standard without any external assistance.

Using the LawMint LNAT Essay Speed Analysis tool

This tool measures your typing speed and calculates the estimated time you will require to complete your LNAT essay.

While typing, the spelling check will not be available, but any spelling errors will be underlined in red after you finish the 1-minute test.

So, this tool will help you assess your typing speed, howclose you are to the ideal speed for completing the LNAT essay within time and how good you are with spellings, when you are typing without real-time spelling check.


  1. Click on the 'Start LNAT Essay Time Check' button to begin the assessment.
  2. Write a 75-word essay on the topic: "Should income tax be completely replaced by expenditure tax? Why or why not?"
  3. Stop typing after 1 minute, when the timer reaches zero.
  4. A simple analysis will be displayed below the text box.
  5. Any spelling errors in your essay will be underlined in red.
  6. Use the 'Reset' button to test yourself again.

Analysis :
Remember, you will have a maximum of 40 minutes to plan, write, edit, correct and submit your LNAT essay.

How can you improve your LNAT Essay typing speed and accuracy?

Use a standard keyboard

If your primary browsing device is a laptop, phone, or tablet, we highly recommend using a laptop or desktop with a full-sized external keyboard for LNAT typing practice. Affordable wired or wireless external keyboards are readily available online or in stores.

Plan ahead

Create an essay outline before you start typing. This strategy can enhance your typing speed as you'll know what to type next, and it can also minimize errors due to confusion.

Use Typing Speed Tests

Gauge your progress and identify areas for improvement using speed tests available online. These tests can also help you adapt to typing under time pressure. The LawMint LNAT series provides 30 full-length practice tests, each with 3 essay questions. For ample practice, aim to write at least 30 essays under timed conditions.

Practice Proofreading

To increase accuracy, cultivate the habit of proofreading as you type. This approach will allow you to catch and correct errors promptly. However, avoid disrupting your typing flow excessively. It's often more efficient to complete a sentence or paragraph before revisiting it for corrections.

Regular Practice

As with any skill, practice is crucial. Regular typing practice can significantly enhance your speed and accuracy over time. Consider allocating specific times each day for this purpose.

Type without assistance

This tip is crucial. Practice typing without relying on spelling checks or word suggestion tools, as these aids will not be available during the LNAT test.